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Stupid Questions: Volume 3
Yet again our forum members share questions that they must suffer though while at work, home, or while out and about.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "Geek" anyway?
By its modern definition, a geek is someone who is perceived to be overly obsessed with one or more things including those of intellectuality, electronics, gaming, books, etc. Generally speaking, however, the first thing that comes to mind when the average person hears or reads the word "geek" is someone who sits infront of a computer all day and all night and has no social life.

Now that I know what a geek is, what exactly is The Geekery?
The Geekery is a humor-based website, primarily catering to tech-savvy people. Started in 2000 by Chris, The Geekery started out with short commentaries on stupid news articles that were published on the internet. Over time The Geekery has evolved into what you see here today.

Are the forums seperate from the rest of this site?
Yes and no. Yes the forums are under a different domain name, and are in a seperate database, but they share the same server and are both operated by The Geekery. By having two seperate databases for the forums and the main site, it lessens the chances of headaches when upgrading the forums, or when upgrading the CMS on the main site.

I have a stupid question I would like to submit for publication in the Stupid Question section. What do I do?
If you'd like to share a stupid question you heard recently, please send it to  and we'll glady publish it for you within the next update.

I would like to file a complaint, write a hate mail, or submit a comment. How do I do this?
You should use this page to get in contact with the offending staff member from The Geekery.

How can I write for The Geekery?
If you have a piece of work that you would like to submit to The Geekery for publication, please use this form in order to do so. If you would like to become a writer for The Geekery who submits work on a regular basis, please use this form in order to contact Chris, the site administrator.

Will you put a link to my site on yours?
It's a possibility. Send us an email at and we'll check your site out. If We're interested, we'll link to it.

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